Tamari Mining Technology

Tamari Software and Technology

Multidisciplinary consultancy and advisory specialising in system audit, analysis and process overhaul

Key Points:

  • Optimisation, integration and simplification of complex technical, production, operational and information projects and processes.
  • Analysis, design, development and deployment of advanced customised productivity solutions.
  • Mining, Manufacturing, Industrial, Maritime, Aviation,Transportation and Government .

"Their achievements are characterised by a lack of precedent in contemporary industry practice. They've been doing this for years..."

Tamari Software and Technology has operational, project, technology, management and consultancy history with expertise across multiple markets, commodities and geographies covering a broad range of industrial, commercial, manufacturing, mining, maritime, aviation, transportation and government businesses.

We design, develop and implement innovative software and technology solutions for the business world of the future, where operating environments come with greater pressure than ever before - pressure to perform with an unprecedented agility to changing market demands.

We take a holistic approach to helping businesses. We get to know operations as they exist. We look at the strengths in technology, in assets and in people. We identify ways to reduce duplication, to unlock, share and integrate across all areas.

Enterprise capabilities

Highly accomplished in robust software design, data harmonisation and analytics, specialising in opening up enterprise capabilities and demystifying the secrets held within operational value chains.

We're awesome at this.

Data uniformity

Competent decisions rely on data to quantify them and need to be considered within the context of all information available to draw conclusions. Professionals need to take that information and do some management with it, which simply cannot be done if it's inconsistent.

We fix this.

Process control

Capture the right data, in the right way. Intuitive process control ensures that automatic validations, verification, alerts and reporting makes it happen every time.

We do this.

Data accessibility

Many sources of data? Different file types? Strange formats? "Locked away" by the software?

We help with this.

Contact : support@tamari.com.au